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over 33+ million annual visitors

With over 33+ million visitors to our venues each year, we are place based media experts. We are sure to provide a solution to impact and attract your target audience.

Our indoor advertising venues target audiences where they are most captive. Thanks to advances in technology, OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) Advertising is stepping up to the next level, getting even more specific with demographics, of not only where, but when.

DUTCH MEDIA has monitors throughout Saskatchewan and in both Alberta and British Columbia.

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Our indoor advertising venues target audiences where they are most captive!


our dynamic team

james mcdonnell

James whom loves all things digital, set out to create a business providing dynamic media solutions to clients. Creative as he is, he named it Dutch Media. Because he is Dutch.


An avid New England Patriots fan, and with a bit of a man crush on Tom Brady, James still plays football to fulfill his aspirations of one day being called up to the big show. James is 42. A man whom loves his family endlessly, James always looks to opportunity to create lasting family moments. His wife Robyn, and sons Jack, Henry, Fredrik & Theo are his pride and joy.

James is a born entrepreneur, whom gets it honestly from his mom & dad. Passionate for business, and winning the right way. At his core philosophy, is you win with people, always. Put together a team of great people, have a great product offering and create value for your customers and you will have a successful business.

mike inglis
Territory Manager, SK

Mike was born and raised in Regina, so he knows the province inside and out. He joined the Dutch Media team in August of 2018. With a passion for talking, he walked into his first sales job as a teenager and proceeded to turn it into a career. Mike thrives on finding the right solutions for his clients, in which translates to successful marketing for them. Big or small, he makes sure all of his clients needs are met in a timely fashion.

Even though he has no children of his own, Mike does have 2 nieces that he loves spoiling and spending time with when he can. With all his free time, during summer he can be found wandering golf courses looking for his balls, or catching a Roughriders home game. In winter, you can find him locked in on the TV anytime the NFL is on, or stressing about his multiple fantasy football teams.

kelly hensel
Account Executive

Kelly was born and raised in Calgary, AB. After meeting her husband in 2005, they got married and moved to Strathmore, AB. Then moved to Chestermere where they are raising their 4 boys.  


Keeping active and staying busy, Kelly enjoys time with the family; including everything from walks, bike rides, camping, swimming, playing soccer in the yard, or skating. In addition, Sundays are usually spent watching NFL football with her family.


She is also involved and volunteers in both her community and school in Chestermere.


Kelly is great at multi-tasking, enjoys solving problems, and loves helping people.


add value to your media plan

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will provide you research and analysis on the medium, prior to making a decision on your campaign execution. We will walk you through our network to identify the locations necessary to build a successful out of home campaign. Then, if you are looking to us for your creative execution – we walk you through the process of creating an ad that will speak to your target audience and assist you in developing effective key messaging and visual creative for your campaign.

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